What's the best city to enjoy basketball in America? What's the worst?

Wallethub conducted a study to determine the best cities for both pro and college basketball fans. To be included in the list, the city had to have at least one college or NBA team.

21 key metrics were used, including the team's winning percentage, ticket prices, fan engagement, tradition, arena accessibility,

Lafayette ranked 110 out of 291, but comes in at 22 among midsize city scores.

New Orleans ranked 19th overall, while Ruston ranked 85th and Baton Rouge came in at 92.

The lowest ranked Louisiana city was Grambling at 246, just 5 spots worse than Lake Charles at 241.

(Click here to see the entire Wallethub scoring system, along with the score ranking for each city, and click on the cities below to see where each one ranks)

Source: WalletHub