As Saints fans continue to watch Drew Brees' social media like a hawk, there is definitely some interesting commentary along the way.

With rumors that the 2020 regular season was the last season for Brees, many Saints fans (including the guy writing this story) have been holding our breath with every new post from the future Hall of Fame quarterback on social media thinking that it could be "the one."

But instead of the big sappy retirement announcement post, Drew is just being regular dad dude Drew, posting photos that range from his kids losing teeth, to what he whipped up for dinner.

Tonight's menu? Red beans & rice.

But, like anything on the internet, the dinner photo that Drew shared on his social media pages Drew nice selection of mixed hot takes.


On Instagram people couldn't help but point out the fact that Drew Brees cooked his beans in a skillet.


The crowd on Facebook had a solid set of reactions as well, with plenty of humorous comments.


Personally, I feel like Drew did a solid job of acknowledging the NOLA tradition of Red beans on Monday, but luckily he's got a LOT of NOLA (and south Louisiana) fans that can help him to enhance his culinary game when it comes to Louisiana classics.

If it is indeed his last season, he'll have plenty of time to sharpen his skills in the kitchen.

First things first, we gotta get him a rice cooker.

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