Do you and your children have a safe code? There was a lot of talk about safe codes several years ago but it doesn’t hurt to continue to inform since there are always new parents.  Family codewords are personalized and kept a secret. This will help teens avoid dangerous situations, and also protect younger children from abductions.

Facebook, KXAN

According to KXAN, A family in Georgetown, Texas is sharing their story in hopes that other families will create a safe code. A man attempted to abduct their 13-year-old son on Monday. Their son, Daniel Whitecloud, says while he was walking home a stranger pulled up next to him and told him that his mother told him to pick him up from school. Whitecloud, a seventh-grader, asked the driver for the safe code. Obviously, the man didn’t know the code and immediately took off. Whitecloud quickly went home and called the Georgetown police.

Luckily, his mom gave him the safe code and he remembered it. The police and the boy’s family are so proud of Whitecloud for being a quick-thinker and handling the situation perfectly. His mother, Adrianna Eldredge, said she is terrified that it might happen to someone else and she is urging other families to create a safe code.

Not only did the boy think quickly and ask him for the safe code, but he also thought to get a description. The driver of the vehicle was described by Whitecloud as a Hispanic male, clean-shaven, in his 30’s 0r 40’s and driving a black, box-shaped Honda.