Growing up, I never ever heard my parents say, "Let's go get a shake". It was always, "Want a malt? Let's go get one". So what is the difference between a shake and a malt? And which one tastes better?

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First, what is a milkshake? A milkshake is your favorite flavor of ice cream and milk blended together to a thick creamy consistency. Milkshakes are more commonly found in fast-food restaurants and modern eateries.

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A malt on the other hand, just sounds old-fashion, doesn't it? In some corners of the world, a malt is also called a malted or a malted milkshake. Just as with a milkshake, a malt contains ice cream and milk. The only difference is the added malted milk powder. Malted milk power actually accentuates the flavor of the ice cream making the overall taste sweet and rich.

Malt connoisseurs suggest when ordering a fruity ice cream flavor, avoid ordering it in malt form. Malt milk powder is better when added to non-fruit ice cream flavors.

Now to the big question, which tastes better a malt or a milkshake. Well, if you want a drink that tastes like blended ice cream, go for a milkshake. But if you prefer a sweeter, richer, bolder flavored drink, order a malt or malted.

Honestly, I think a malt is far better than a milkshake.

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