New witness reports are coming out that former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith actually pulled out a gun from his car before the shooting happened that took his life.

Not only that, but now there are questions as to whether Smith may have accidentally shot his own wife, Racquel, in the legs, according to Cardell Hayes’ attorney has been saying that his client did not shoot Smith’s wife Raquel. WWL First News is reporting that detectives are taking these allegations and claims very seriously.

But, there's more. There are also claims being investigated by the NOPD that say evidence of Will Smith's gun being fired may have been hidden. Remember, the NOPD news release said there were no bullet casings nor ballistic evidence found that showed Smith's gun being used during the tragedy. The allegations say someone then hid Smith’s gun back in his car after the shooting.

Smith was shot 8 times and killed, including 7 shots in his back, according to the coroner’s report. The shooter, Cardell Hayes, faces second degree murder charges.

According to sources, Hayes wants to testify before the grand jury that will decide the indictment on the second degree murder charges. Experts say this is a highly irregular move on the part of Hayes' defensive team, and it's the DA who gets to decide who serves as a witness before a grand jury.