The global plea deal entered by former New Orleans Saints star Darren Sharper on charges that he drugged and raped several women across the country and in Louisiana is falling apart. That's the opinion of many legal scholars who widely criticized the former NFL star's legal plans to secure a blanket plea deal in multiple jurisdictions without securing the deal in Louisiana as well.

Tim Meche, a legal analyst told the Louisiana Radio Network,

I'm not surprised at all. This plea agreement was routinely criticized and his lawyers made a drastic mistake by pleading him guilty in other jurisdictions and not having the Louisiana version firmed up.

Although an official ruling has yet to be written, based on a filing entered into Orleans Parish Court earlier this week to postpone a March 7th trial date, it doesn't look like Judge Jane Triche Milazzo isn't committing to the prison terms. That basically means it's back to square one for Sharper and his team as far as Louisiana's jurisdiction is concerned.

He's put himself in a box and is going to have to plead guilty. The question is what his sentence will be, and it won't be the slap on the wrist sentence he thought he would get.

Meche says that Sharper and his team are in a very precarious situation.

He's going to have to throw himself to the mercy, of not just this judge but a state judge in Orleans Parish, and I don't think it will be good for him.

Sharper entered a plea deal for the charges of drugging and raping women and agreed to a nine year federal prison term. Speculation is that perhaps more prison time and a more harsh sentence could be issued as a result of court proceedings based upon the latest legal filings this week.