Daniel Cormier was supposed to fight Jon "Bones" Jones at UFC 200, but it wasn't meant to be. Instead, he won a judges' decision over Anderson Silva, and it felt hollow for everyone involved.

To be clear, I'm not cheapening DC's light heavyweight title defense. I'm just saying everybody wanted more out of UFC 200.

Cormier is the pride of Lafayette, and he made a massive name for himself in the MMA world after wrestling for Northside High School. He prepared for months leading up to UFC 200 in hopes of avenging his biggest defeat in the UFC, but Jon Jones robbed him off that opportunity. Days before the fight, Jones failed a drug test.

Things were set up perfectly for Cormier to deal with some demons, and fight fans were poised for one of the biggest fights in modern memory. Dana White replaced Jones with a legend, but he was past his prime.

Anderson "The Spider" Silva stepped in within 48 hours of the fight, and his track record and legacy in the MMA is as long as it is impressive. Just watch the trail of damage he left behind in his UFC career.

That being said, Silva WAS a legend. Heading into UFC 200, he lost his last four fights. DC made sure it was five straight.

The fans at UFC 200 booed Cormier, but they must not understand the sport well. Cormier overpowered Silva from the beginning, and he used his size advantage to keep him pinned the mat for the entire fight. Fans want knockouts, but fighters are paid for wins. He didn't give "The Spider" a chance to spin any webs, and it earned him the 30-26 unanimous decision.

It was a win, but it wasn't as satisfying. For Cormier, he wanted to detach himself from Jones completely. For fans, they wanted to see Jones and Cormier in the same ring. For the UFC, they wanted a mountain of cash but ended up with a mound.

Cormier probably lost millions when Jones failed his drug test. He will never get those dollars back. All he could do was go out and defeat his opponent, which he did. Fans in the arena might not have enjoyed the way he did it, but it's not his business to lose in an entertaining fashion either. He used his advantage, and it led to a victory. Raise the hand, and let's move on.

Unfortunately, Cormier probably won't get to  bury his beef with Bones Jones. In order for that to happen, Jones has to be able to pee in a cup, and right now, I wouldn't put any money on that (literally, it will cost you money).

No matter the result of his fights, Lafayette will always love Daniel Cormier.

You'll always be our champ, DC. Even if the fans in the arena booed (like idiots), you will always be our champ.