Lafayette native Daniel Cormier was scheduled to defend his UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 200 Saturday against Jon Jones in the main event.

However, Jones was removed from the UFC 200 card late Wednesday night Jones after the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) informed UFC of a potential violation for a banned substance found in a urine sample he provided on June 16th.

Cormier said he'd be willing to fight another opponent on short notice for the Pay-Per-View event, but only if it was against someone who "made sense".

Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

UFC President Dana White announced Cormier will fight Anderson Silva Saturday night in a non-title fight.

"I think it's an interesting, fun fight," said White. "Anderson Silva is undefeated at 205, and not just undefeated, but devastatingly undefeated. Every time he's moved up to 205, he's looked better than he did at 185."

Anderson has three career fights in the 205 weight class, winning each one by first round knockout. However, he hasn't fought in a 205 match since October of 2012.

The 41 year old Silva requested a 3 round fight, rather than the standard 5 rounds Cormier would've fought in his matchup with Jones.

"Anderson is giving Daniel the opportunity to fight, to make money and to perform on UFC 200," White explained. "So if Anderson wants three rounds, if Anderson wants two rounds, he'll get it."