Ever since the four teams for the college football playoff were announced, there have been complaints about who got left out.  And, while TCU fans certainly could make a case for their team, the New Years Day games showed the playoff system worked.

Remember that ole way of doing things....the BCS?  Under that system, we would be getting ready for an Alabama-Florida State matchup.  And, Oregon and Ohio State fans would be joining fans of the Horned Frogs screaming "We got hosed!"

Instead we got a semi final which showed, when you get to the top four, any one can be the other.

Now, there are some silly people that are suggesting Florida State should not have been in the playoff.  Sure....let's leave out a team that had won 29 in a row, was coming off a national championship and went undefeated in a Power 5 conference (and played a non conference schedule that included Oklahoma State, Florida and Notre Dame.)  Leave them out because they played in a lot of close games?  Puh-leeze.

No, the committee pretty much got it right.

Fans were treated to two games featuring four teams, they also got clear cut winners in both, which sets up a national title game where teams earned their way in.  Convincingly.

I, like many of you, think there's a chance TCU could be playing in that title game if given a chance.  But let's remember, if one of the top four were left out, it would be Baylor, not TCU, that would have been in the playoff.  Moral:  Don't blow a huge lead in the fourth quarter.

There are some who are already clamoring for an eight team playoff, which isn't going to happen anytime soon.  And, those who squawk missed some compelling football yesterday.

In ten days we'll have a national championship game decided on the field by two teams who got to that game because of something they did on the field.  Not in a poll.  Not in a computer.  On the field.,

And, that is a good thing.