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Health Care Career Reboot
Hey there, Lafayette’s next superstar!
Are you tired of the same dead-end job and want a CAREER?
Do you feel like you can’t get ahead with your finances?
Does your family depend on you to support them?
Do you want more FREEDOM in your life...
Aire Serv of Lafayette Expert Tips
1) Installing a wifi thermostat will alleviate any frustrations when forgetting to set it when you are away from home for an extended amount of time. You have the capabilities to remotely adjust your thermostat to a desirable temperature that is suitable when no one is in the house...
10 Forgotten 80s And 90s Hair Metal Bands You Should Know
Towards the end of the 80's and the very early 90's, there were so many bands coming out with albums, it was impossible to consume it all. Were there some pretty damn good ones that got lost in the shuffle before Grunge eradicated the entire genre? You bet.

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