Remember Seth Harrison, the quiet, humble do-it-all centerfielder for the Ragin' Cajuns? He might not talk much, but he's making a name for himself in the pros.

The San Fransisco Giants welcomed Harrison into their organization back in 2014, and last time we checked in on Seth he was on the West Coast playing in Full A for the San Jose Giants. Now, he's back on the East Coast, and he's playing baseball minutes away from one of the most legendary locations in all of sports.

I hope Seth likes golf, because he's now playing for the Augusta Green Jackets. Green Jackets...Augusta...the Masters...get it? Clever minor league baseball name, Augusta.

When he was a Cajun, he had a knack for crossing home plate, scoring 111 runs in his two years wearing vermilion and white. He's doing the same for the Green Jackets, ranking second on the team in runs scored (39) this season. He's also third on the team in hits (65) and doubles (13), and he's only one triple (3) behind the top dog on the team. He collected his 200th professional hit in June, and there are a lot more where that came from.

He's only hitting .167 at the plate over his last ten games, but his .253 average this season is much higher than his career number (.235). All teams want to see is improvement, and I firmly believe Seth will break out of this little slump soon. [See Seth's full stats]

Physically, Harrison is packing on a lot of muscle. Personally, the last time I saw him (at Ragin' Cajuns Fan Day this year) he almost looked like a completely different guy. He must be getting tired of protein shakes.

Speaking of muscle, check out this walk-off blast he cranked back in 2015 for the San Jose Giants.

That's what Tony Robichaux likes to call "timely hitting." Walk it off, Seth. Touch 'em all.

The Giants are moving Harrison around in the outfield, experimenting with his comfort zone. In 35 games this season playing in center field, he only committed one error; however, he has nine errors in the same amount of games (35) in right field. Versatility goes a long way when you're trying to move up in the minor leagues, but his .986 fielding percentage in CF is a reminder of how stellar he is as the defensive heart of the outfield.

Sometimes in the minor leagues, players get bounced back and forth between two different levels. Seth already knows what that feels like. He went from Augusta to San Jose, then back to Augusta again. Hopefully, he will be back in San Jose playing Advanced A ball again, but patience is the key: patience at the plate, patience on the bases and with the glove, and more importantly, patience off the field.

Seth is a calm character, and during his career as a Cajun, not much phased him. His demeanor is perfect for the pros, and the Giants are giving him a shot to prove his worth. Go get it, Seth. Keep making Cajun Nation proud.