‘So You Think You Can Dance’ is back on Fox with a new season, which means we once again get to have our televisions graced by the beautiful Cat Deeley. Deeley is one of the best English exports that has come to our great country.  The 35-year-old television host and model has been seen weekly in the USA as the host of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ since 2006.  Her hosting has even gotten her an Emmy nomination, but no win.  We consider you a winner though Cat.

In 1994, Deeley was a full time fashion model.  At almost six feet tall it’s no wonder she stood out.  She left modeling in 1997 and decided to give MTV a try.  After that she hosted a children’s program in the UK.  She is hot, likes kids and charming as hell with that English accent.  We can’t dance Cat Deeley, but we would love to try out for you.