The Canadian Football League will be the first to dip their toe into the banishing of full-contact practices which will limit the number of collisions a player is exposed to throughout the course of a regular season.

As first reported by TSN, teams currently have an allotment of 17 days of full-contact practices and as many as they see fit during Training Camp. While the full-contact practices will still be allowed during Training Camp, the immediate stoppage of in-season contact practices begins today.

There has been a lot of buzz around the NFL in recent years regarding player safety, concussions, and limiting the amount full-contact, padded practices. Players and coaches haven't seemed to warm up to the idea of it as they feel it doesn't allow them to get as prepared for the season as they feel they need to be.

Will the NFL eventually follow suit? Only time will tell but the way the game is trending and player safety becoming more and more prevalent you would have to think eventually it will be in the cards for the largest driving force in American sports.


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