Stop me if you've heard this before.

Reports are LSU is looking for a "home run" hire to replace Les Miles and are gauging possible interest from the biggest names in college football. quotes sources as saying LSU believes it can and should land such a hire.

“Their sights are on national championship caliber, proven head coaches,” a source with knowledge told FootballScoop this morning. During the initial, exploratory phase, we are told to expect LSU, through representatives, to gauge the interest of some of the top coaches in college football, including Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, Jimbo Fisher and Tom Herman. Right or wrong, sources tell FootballScoop that LSU believes they will be able to attract a coach of that caliber.

Now, it should be noted "gauging interest" and having legitimate discussions are two different things.  And, it also should be noted each time LSU has had an opening in recent memory, the "home run" coaching hire story has come out.

And it has panned out exactly zero times.

Les Miles was not LSU's first choice.  Neither was Nick Saban. Or Gerry DiNardo.  Or Curley Hallman.

Get the picture?

What will be different this time around?  Or, a better way to ask...what makes this a better job this time around?

I don't know about you but I'm drawing a blank.

LSU has the money?  They've always had the money.  A hotbed of recruiting?  Louisiana has always been a hotbed of recruiting.  Passionate fans?  LSU has always had passionate fans.  You can win there?  LSU has always had the potential to win.

And, here's the other thing that hasn't changed.  And, it could be the thing that makes LSU go to Plan B.  Or Plan C.  Or Plan D.

LSU is still one of the most dysfunctional places in America.

You can bet your bottom dollar (or LSU's bottom dollar) any agent representing a coach will want to know about the stability of the administration at LSU.

We all watched Athletic Director Joe Alleva and Chancellor F. King Alexander totally bungle the situation with Miles at the end of last year.  One, or both of them, probably should have been fired.  Instead, we now see where Miles is fired four games into the season, and, as the report stated:

Both Bruce Feldman and Brett McMurphy would note that sources within the LSU administration told them that Alleva felt he needed to pull the trigger now while he still could in fear of Les stringing together some wins in the latter half of the season “and being stuck with Les another year”.

If that's close to being true, then Alleva REALLY should have been fired at the end of last year.  (Hint:  It's not too late.)

How much power Alleva will have in the coaching search depends on who you ask.  Some say it's a search committee that will really have the say.  Alleva says he'll have advisors, but it's going to be his decision.

Either way, it's a mess.

The dysfunction at LSU has cost them the chance of "home run" hires in the past.  Unless something changes between now and December, don't expect anything different this time around.