Louisiana Ragin' Cajun baseball junior catcher Nick Thurman and senior DH/3B Tyler Girouard received an honor on Thursday to recognize both for being outstanding in something off the baseball diamond.

Both players landed on the Capital One Academic All-District baseball team, as selected by the Sports Information Directors of America.  The team honors college baseball's top student athletes for their outstanding results on the baseball field and in the classroom.

"I think its always an honor and a privilege to be on any national award list," head coach Tony Robichaux said in a press release. "A lot of them only focus on a player's athletic ability. What I really like about this award is that you are not only judged on your athletic ability, but you have to get there based on your academic ability. I think that's what it should always be about. We always tell our guys not to let their athletic mission undermine their academic mission. And these two guys have not only done a great job on the field, but also in the classroom."

Thurman, already a member of the 2014 Sun Belt Conference Commissioner's List, has posted a cumulative 3.56 GPA, with a specific focus in management studies.

Girourard sported a 4.00 in his first semester of graduate school last Fall after graduating with a 3.62 in sports management last spring. He is currently working towards a master's in business administration.

"The big thing we talk about all the time is not just competing on the field," Robichaux added in the release. "A lot of times athletes think I'm an athlete so I need to compete on the field, but they don't compete off of the field. We talk about it all the time in here. We want you to compete on the field, in the classroom, off of the field, in the community and in self-improvement. We want you to stay competing, and I think both of these guys have done a good job of competing in the classroom and off of the field."