As we spoke Saturday after the Cajuns' 9-6 win over Texas-San Antonio Saturday, Tony Robichaux was about to get a surprise.

The win was the 900th of the  head coach's career and that called for a celebration.

For Tony's son Austin, that meant shaving cream.

Over the years, it's kind of been tradition when something good happens to someone on the team, especially if it's a first year player or a player who is seldom the center of attention, to surprise that person during an interview with a towel full of shaving cream right in the face.  Naturally, it's only valid if the team wins.

There are no practical jokes played after a loss.

Tony got his shaving cream pie.  And, Austin did a good job with it.  It took Tony a few minutes to get enough of the cream off to get through the interview.  Austin came up to him and hugged him.

Sunday on the pre-game show, I asked Tony if he shaved with a razor or electric.  He said razor and I suggested he wouldn't have to buy shaving cream for a while.  He said he would wait but he'd get his revenge.

As it turned out, he didn't have to wait long.

Robichaux the younger turned in six stellar innings in his second pitchers' duel in as many weeks.  His mates staked him to a 2-1 lead in the third and the 6-5 sophomore made it stand up, along with Ryan Wilson and Matt Hicks.

Once the game and the series were over, Austin was being interviewed.  Tony got his revenge.  POW..right in the face.  Tony had a very self-satisfied expression on his face when he walked away.  Austin's teammates and some of the crowd howled with delight.

Winning does that do you.

During the Cajuns' 23-30 record last season, there weren't many practical jokes being played.  Certainly none by the coaching staff.  Robichaux the elder doesn't take losing well.  And he puts the blame squarely where you'd think a man of the skipper's integrity would put it.

Right at the man in the mirror.

But, with the Cajuns at 7-1 on the young season and winning all sorts of different ways, there's a different atmosphere in the Cajuns' dugout, in the clubhouse, on the field.  This team not only wants to win, it expects to win.  Robichaux has a team that fits his personality.  Not winning?  Not acceptable.

For the second straight weekend, the Cajuns had to find different ways to win.  Sunday was the toughest as the Cajuns' pitching staff had to make do with just two runs.  That meant everyone had to contribute, whether it was with defense, pitching out of the bullpen following Austin Robichaux's performance, or just leadership.  But the Cajuns got it done.

The post game the last two days showed a much looser team.  This team is having a lot of fun earlier in the season.  But in sports, there's only one way to have fun.

And, that's to win games.  Even on Sunday when you win by a close shave and a razor-thin margin.