The start of the 2015 Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns baseball season is just over two weeks away.  Hard to believe it's right upon us (although the weather on Tuesday made me want to be at the ball park.)

Optimism abounds with fans.  They were treated to the greatest regular season in history last year.  A regular season championship.  A tournament championship.  A regional championship.  A Super-Regional host site on national television showcasing one of college baseball's best atmospheres.

A new record for season tickets has been set.  The Cajuns' success spawned new fans who will be back after what they saw last season.

One respected website ( has projected the Cajuns to be in a regional again this year.

But before looking for the Cajuns in the national rankings, there are a few things to consider:

76 percent of the Cajuns' 530 runs scored---gone.

72 percent of the Cajuns' 734 hits---gone.

74 percent of 241 extra base hits---gone.

74 percent of 478 RBI---gone

72 percent of 109 stolen bases---gone

81 percent of the 58 wins---gone

68 percent of 25 saves---gone

82 percent of 609.1 innings---gone

84% of the pitching staff's 472 strikeouts---gone

That's a lot of gone.

And a lot of experience to replace.  Twenty-two (by my count) on the Cajuns' roster did not see action for the Vermilion and White a season ago, and many of them are going to have to make an immediate impact if the Cajuns are going to be among the contenders in the Sun Belt Conference this year.

But all is far from lost.  The Cajuns have talent.  What they don't have is game experience.  That's getting ready to change.

Already fans are guessing as to what the Cajuns' lineup will be.  They're used to having an every day lineup on the field.  Here's a word to the wise.  You're going to be seeing a LOT of different lineups and a LOT of different pitchers on the mound for the Cajuns this year.

This team has some depth.  But Tony Robichaux and his coaching staff are going to have to use all of it, especially early in the season.  There are plenty of interchangeable parts.

Over the next few days, we'll break down the Cajuns' 2015 roster.  We'll split it into Infield/Catcher, Outfield/DH and Pitching.

The Cajuns have 28 home games this season, highlighted by the Sun Belt Conference schedule and a visit by preseason #3 Houston.

And, with his seventh win this season, Robichaux will reach the magic number of 1,000 career wins.

The season isn't far away.  Might as well get to know them now.

When the season starts, you might want to pick up that scorecard.  It'll keep you from saying "who's he?"