Respect is hard to gain, but Garry Brodhead's Ragin' Cajuns Women's Basketball team is earning it the hard way.

In the most recent Mid-Major Top 25 Poll, the Cajuns check in at 19th in the nation. The poll looks at 22 different conferences, and while Brodhead's team isn't being compared to SEC or Power Five teams, it's still a solid indication of the national recognition his team is garnishing. There was no movement in their ranking in this version of the poll, but sometimes holding place is good enough.

The poll, which came out Tuesday evening, didn't factor in their win over UC-Santa Barbara either. If the Cajuns can pick up a win over Louisiana Tech, that would make six straight W's and an overall record of 8-1...respectable to say the least.

If Brodhead's team continues to impress with their aggressive defense and grit, they could start climbing the mid-major rankings.

Rankings are just a gauge for fans though. All Brodhead wants is for his team to be playing solid heading into Sun Belt play, which he doesn't have to worry about right now. They're locked in, and it shows.