This is video from Mid-South Wrestling, back in 1984, during a face turn for "Hacksaw" Butch Reed.

Reed, if you remember was a heel, or bad guy, for many years, feuding with the Junk Yard Dog.

When JYD left for the WWE (then WWF) Bill Watts searched for a top baby face to take his spot.

He brought in Brickhouse Brown, Master Gee, and the Snowman, but none of them really got over.

I'm of the opinion that if they would have turned Reed face immediately after JYD left, that Reed would have been over really big. The problem is they not only didn't do that, but had him job to those guys, making him look weak.

The next mistake they made was having "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan come in to save Reed in this video. That made him look weak too, as nobody ever saved JYD.

Anyway, in this video, "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell tries to recruit Reed into General Skandar Akbar's Devastation Inc. with a gold Rolex watch, but Reed doesn't bite, starting the run of Reed as a good guy.

It still bothers me though that Reed could have been much bigger had Mid-South handled this better.