Still have those flag patterned shirts and bald eagle tank tops? Bust them back out, along with the bandanas. It's time for USA soccer again, America.

US Soccer is one of the hottest teams headed into the Group of 16. They just claimed Group D with a 1-0 victory over Nigeria. Remember how excited you got watching the World Cup last year? Do the same thing for the Women's National Team that you did for the Men. Drink a couple beers, learn the chants and scream your lungs out in pride of your nation. Would it help if I said we're pretty darn good?

Abby Wambach ensured the USWNT's claim over Group D with a goal on a set piece at the 45' mark against Nigeria. Clutch. They didn't look great and a red card aided in the win, but if the men's team had the equivalent of Megan Rapinoe and Abby Wambach...they would probably already have their own underwear ads spread all across the country, a la Christiano Ronaldo. No detriment to Landon Donavan, Clint Dempsey or Jose Altidore. When the Gold Cup comes back around, we will don the colors again for them too.

Don't feel bad for not knowing the teams, just cheer. Bandwagon fans are absolutely allowed when it comes to International Competition. It's literally us against the world. If you're not rooting with us, you're rooting against us.

OK. I might need to tone it down a notch. Vindictive, judgmental soccer fans drive fans away, and I don't want to do that.

Think back to last year. The US Men's Soccer team was shocking Ghana and feeding us drama. Give the Women the same chance. Wambach, Rapinoe, Leroux...any one could create their own moment in history like Brandi Chastain. You won't want to miss it this time around.

World Cups are rare. They are intoxicating. Embrace this one. Hell, we just might win it.