Buffalo Bills fans have had a rough go of it.

After being the dominant team in the AFC in the early 90s and reaching 4 straight Super Bowls, all of which they lost, the franchise has never been able to find much success.

Last season, they broke through into the playoffs at 9-7, appearing in the NFL postseason for the first time since the 1999 season (when they were on the wrong side of sports history again), but couldn't score more than 3 points in a loss at Jacksonville.

Despite the hardship, the Buffalo Bills fanbase has a reputation as one of the most loyal and crazy in sports.

One google search of "Buffalo Bills fans tailgating" can teach anyone about the crazy part.

Lee Merkel was a lifelong Bills fan who died last Sunday at age 83.

While Buffalo won on the day he passed, Merkel still made sure to take one last dig at his favorite team.

Per WKBW, Lee told his son to include one specific line in his obituary.

"Lee has requested six Buffalo Bills players as pall bearers so they can let him down one last time."

Well done Lee.

Rest in peace.