Brandi Chastain is one of the most accomplished athletes in U.S. history.

Her penalty shootout game winning goal in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup Final versus China is an iconic moment in sports history.

As a two-time World Cup champion, two-time Olympic gold-medalist and coach, her career in soccer has been fantastic.

Born in San Jose, California, the Bay Area native was honored yesterday, being inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame.

However, there was one glaring issue. The BASHOF plaque.

Ann Killion, sports columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, is spot on.

What the heck is that? Whoever it is, it's not Brandi Chastain.

Killion says she'll put up the cost to have the bust redone. S

till no word yet on if the BASHOF will build a bust more fitting of Chastain.