Boise State University issued a news releases on Monday, saying the school will not join the Big East Conference in 2013, as had been planned, and will instead remain a member of the Mountain West Conference.

The Broncos elected to leave the Mountain West, and join the Big East as a football-playing only school, while joining the Big West Conference in all other sports, but those plans have now been scrapped, and they will remain in the Mountain West, where they just completed their second year of play, after leaving the Western Athletic Conference after the 2010 season.

Despite never playing a single game as a member of the Big East, Boise St. must still pay a $5 million exit fee, which the Mountain West is expected to help absorb.

The Big East will now consist of Houston, Memphis, SMU, Temple, Louisville, Rutgers, Cincinnati, UConn, South Florida, UCF, and San Diego St., although many believe San Diego St. may now elect to remain in the Mountain West Conference as well.

The Mountain West Conference is scheduled to consist of 2013: Boise State, Air Force, Colorado State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, San Jose State, UNLV, Utah State and Wyoming.