Watch, as Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini plays a great prank on his Cornhusker football team.

During a team meeting a cell phone goes off, which you know would not be a good thing.

You can see a few of the players showing a sense of uneasiness when the phone rings.

As it turns out, the phone belongs to fifth-year senior Thad Randle, who is in on the prank, and should think about doing some acting work later in life.

Pelini leaves the room in disgust, before coming back to smash the phone with a hammer.

Randle then leaves the room, before selling a fake fight with his coach.

The prank was so well played out that a few of the players got up from their seats, and wanted to assist with the fake argument/fight outside.

Then they were told that it was just a prank, and that it was movie night.

Oh, that coach Pelini!