After years of NBA JAM video game offense, the NBA game announced big modifications to their All-Star game today.

While the 24 players will still be divided evenly between the Eastern and Western Conference, the teams won't be separated by conference.

Two players who receive the most fan vote from each conference will be team captain, and select their teammates, regardless of conference affiliation.

All-Star starters will still be selected for the team with 50% fan vote, 25% media vote and 25% player vote.

14 reserves, 7 from the West and 7 from the East, will be selected for the game by NBA coaches of their conference.

The starters will be required to be selected first by the team captains, but in whatever order the captains deem best for their squad.

The two team captains will then select from the 14 reserves, opening the door for player egos to get peppered.

Teams will also select a charity (National or based in the host city), and donations from the All-Star game will go to each one.

The best part of the playground style team selections is the "disrespect" a number of players will ultimately feel.

A televised event of star players picking from a crop of other star players to be on their team will draw interest, TV ratings and strong opinions.

Imagine if LeBron James is a team captain (which he likely will be),ends up with the last pick, and Kyrie Irving is the guy?

Potential storylines are endless.

The only negative is it'll likely be impossible to have all the players standing there during the selections, unless they wait until the day of the game.

With All-Star merchandise on the line, it's highly unlikely the selections will be the day, or even the weekend of the All-Star game.