The New Orleans Saints have released a statement in response to the absurd report that the Saints are a potential candidate to move to Toronto.

"Reports about the Saints as a potential team moving to Toronto are completely false. The New Orleans Saints are committed to the city of New Orleans," said Greg Bensel, Vice President of Communications.

The team's statement comes in response to a story from In the story, Doug Ford, brother of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, claimed that the Jaguars and Saints were teams that could be on the move. The ludicrous statement suggests complete ignorance on the part of Ford. Either that, or he's just stupid.

Ford released a statement  in response to the criticism, saying, "We all think New Orleans is a great city and taking away the Saints is the last thing we want to do." What? Taking the Saints away. It's almost as if he's implying that Toronto could actually take the Saints, but won't because it would upset New Orleans. What is this guy smoking? Doug Ford claimed to hear from "a very good source" that Toronto could be a landing spot for the Saints. Either Ford has the worst "very good source" of all-time, or he's lying to cover his back.

Let's examine the facts. The Saints signed a new agreement with the state of Louisiana after the Super Bowl season of 2009. The agreement runs through 2025. Tom Benson recently purchased two buildings next to the Superdome. Champions Square was just built next to the dome.  Do I need to go on? Probably not, but I will. A $300 million Superdome renovation is entering its final stages. Every home game since 2006 has soldout. Season tickets are soldout and have a waiting list of over 60,000. The NFL Super Bowl is set for the Crescent City in 2013.

Today, the Saints are as embedded in the state of Louisiana and the Gulf South as they've ever been. I would tell Saints fans not to worry, but I don't have too. They already know the obvious. The Saints aren't going anywhere.