New Orleans Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday signed a hefty 5 year, $126 million contract extension on Thursday.

At 27, Holiday has shown in spurts, a capability to play at an All-Star level. The issue has been consistency.

While he made an All-Star team at 23 years old when playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, he's hasn't played at a consistent enough level to even be considered as an All-Star in the Western Conference.

Will he elevate his game and live up to the contract?

Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley (the best current NBA player to have never made an All-Star team) raised his game to new heights at 27 years old. Will Jrue?

First and foremost, he needs to remain healthy. Holiday missed more than half of the 2013-14, and 2014-15 seasons due to injury. However, last year, he only missed a few games due to injury, a positive sign that his healthier days are ahead of him.

The biggest contingent (aside from health) on him living up to the deal is if he gets a highly skilled back court running mate. It doesn't have to be an All-Star, but a highly talented multi-dimensional guard or small forward would do wonders for Holiday surpassing his ceiling.

As the roster is currently constructed, Holiday is asked to do too many things. He's guarded by the opponent's best perimeter defender each time the Pelicans hit the floor.

Despite that, his assist to turnover ratio has always ranked high, though carrying a heavy load on offense can lead to fatique on defense, even with his good inclinations on that end of the floor.

Ultimately, Holiday needs to be a more aggressive player on a consistent basis to unlock the biggest strengths in his game, and with it, bring more success to the Pelicans.

If he gets a solid running mate on the wing, look for Holiday to live up to a contract that many feel he can't.