I didn't play baseball growing up, but that doesn't matter, right? I mean, I could probably at least hit a foul off a great softball pitcher.

Just kidding. About the second part anyway.

With some ribbing from Ryan Baniewicz, I decided to accept his challenge. I would try to hit a pitch off of Louisiana Ragin' Cajun pitcher Jordan Wallace.

For anyone that thinks they can hit a softball pitch off the LSWA Pitcher of the Year (2013), watch this video first.

As you can see, I was clearly holding back got smoked. Having said that, how cool is it to see Wallace's pitch in slow motion? Even breaking it down to milliseconds, it's hard to see the ball cross the plate. It's much easier seeing me make a fool of myself give it my all like a champion.

Ryan claimed that if I attempted this feat, he'd accept any challenge I threw at him. The challenge is...Reagan Bazar.

How do you think he'll do against a Ragin' Cajun baseball pitcher that has been clocked at 100mph? Come back to ESPN1420.com later this week or subscribe to the ESPN1420 YouTube channel and find out in the coming days.