It's one thing to lay down a chunk of change on a college football game and lose it all at the last minute when a meaningless touchdown covers the spread. That always hurts. What about missing the spread by 33 points? One gambling site feels the need to refund you...seriously. Apparently ULM's upset win over Arkansas has one sports book acting crazy.

Dave Johnson, the lead oddsmaker for, stunned sports bettors everywhere today when he made the following announcement.

“When a football team rallies from a 21-point deficit to win by three points in overtime, online sports bettors have good reason to be angry. But when that team is a 30-point favorite and ranked eighth in the country, sports bettors have good reason to feel sick to their stomachs. And we don’t blame them. The loss was unbelievable, and to profit from it really doesn’t sit well with us. That’s why we’re refunding every single player who dropped money on Arkansas to win. It’s the right thing to do and we’d be shocked if other online sports books don’t follow our lead.”

An online sports book did what!?

Have you ever heard of such a thing? The end of Johnson's statement appears to be "tongue in cheek." However, it did give me a good laugh.

I'm sure it gave other sports books a good laugh too. Don't look for any other sports gambling sites to follow's lead.

The words "pity" and "charity" aren't usually connected with a failed sports bet. Chalk this one up to a publicity stunt. All be it a well executed one.