It was all chalk in the opening round of our 'Best UL Softball Pitcher(s) of All-Time' bracket, which was unveiled on Monday.

There were no upsets, with all of the favorites moving on to the second round.

Top-seeded Brooke Mitchell advanced, as did second-seeded Kyla Hall, third-seed Stefni Whitton, and 4th-seeded Cheryl Longeway, along with the 5-16 seeds.

The closest outcomes were the 14/19 and 15/18 match-ups, with 14th-seeded Sandy Percle defeating 19th-seeded  Micah Barbato, 105-72, while 15-seeded Cathy McAllister advanced, with a 103-73 victory over 18th-seeded Kim Dunlap.

Below is the bracket for round two; which is expected to be hotly contested.

Have fun, and vote.