All summer long, we’re going to list the best players in New Orleans Saints history to wear every number, 00-99.

Yesterday, we did #70

Today, #71:

The pick: Richard Cooper

When deciding who is the best New Orleans Saints player to ever wear #71, the choice is limited to defensive linemen Willie Townes, Faddie Tilman, Jeff Winans, Casey Merrill, Kendrick Clancy, and Fred Stokes, and offensive linemen Dick Anderson, Dave McCormick, Paul Fersen, Kurt Schumacher, Jeff Winans, James Taylor, Petey Perot, Ken Kaplan, Richard Cooper, Ricky Siglar, and Spencer Folau.

Our selection is going to be Cooper, an offensive lineman, who played for the Saints for six years, from 1990-1995.

After playing his college football at Tennessee, Cooper signed with the Saints as an undrafted free agent following the 1990 NFL Draft.

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Cooper made the roster in 1990, but played in only two games, including one as a starter.

The 6-foot-5, 290-pound Cooper became the team's starting left tackle in 1991, starting 11 games, before going on to start 60 games over the next four seasons.

Cooper left the Saints following the 1995 season and signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, with whom he played for two years, before retiring.

In six seasons with the Saints, Cooper appeared in 77 games, including 72 as a starter.

In eight NFL seasons, Cooper appeared in 108 games, including 103 as a starter.