The Dallas Mavericks beat the New Orleans Pelicans for the second time in as many nights. However, Saturday night's contest ended with a story about the officiating. Namely, the final possession, when Pelicans guard Austin Rivers was mugged by Mavericks guard Monta Ellis. Judge for yourself. Is this a foul?

Of course it is. Pelicans color commentator David Wesley doesn't hold back how he feels. On a night when two Pelicans fouled out, the Mavericks were called for 10 less fouls, and shot 45 free throws (Pels shot 31). Wesley is only stating the obvious, and voicing frustration that's felt by the entire Pelicans organization, and their fan base.


To all the critics who say, "Well Rivers wouldn't have hit three straight free throws anyway." My response is the following.

1. You don't know that.

2. That isn't the point.

3. Shutup.

It's hard to win an NBA game when three of your four best players are out with injuries. Add bad officiating to the mix, and it's nearly impossible.