Arkansas Razorback football coach John L. Smith has been having a rough month. After being upset in Little Rock by ULM, followed by a 52-0 home loss to Alabama, the coach made headlines this week when he screamed (with a creepy smile on his face) at the media to "SMILE!" Now he's making headlines for being bankrupt and in serious debt. How serious? Try $25.7 million in debt. That serious.

Smith purchased a ton of real estate when he was coaching in Louisville. To put it lightly, the investment hasn't paid dividends. It has, however, created massive debt for Smith.

His bankruptcy filing lists 26 unsecured creditors. Terra Springs LLC of Louisville is claiming $20 million.

Perhaps when Smith appears to be losing it at the press luncheon, it has to due with more than just football.

The Razorbacks will host the Kentucky Wildcats on October 13th. The day before, Smith will meet with list of creditors at U.S. Bankruptcy court in Fayetteville. Let's hope he doesn't scream at the Judge, lawyers, and creditors to "SMILE!"