Did you know Cameron Jordan has never been selected to an All-Pro or even All-Madden team!? Okay, so we're a few years out from the Madden era, but still!

I don't think it can be unsold how good Cam Jordan has been up until this point in his career and how underrated he's thought of outside the state of Louisiana. We all know how great he's been, a three time Pro Bowl selection, 58.5 career sacks, and over 350 career combined tackles. He's a flat out stud. But this year, do you realize he's elevated his game to new heights?

Here's a look at his numbers this season:

  • 58 Combined Tackles
  • 12 Sacks
  • Two Forced Fumbles
  • 12 Passes Defended
  • One INT and His First TD

The tackles don't really stand out but what does stand out are, first the 12 sacks. Only one other time in his career (2013) has he posted 12+ sacks. Second, the two forced fumbles, he has nine in his career and two of them came this season. Third, of course we've gotta highlight his INT and TD, that Lions game was crazy. But, the one thing that really stands out for me this season are the 12 passes he's defended.

Did you know, that Jordan had never had more than 6 passes defended in a season before this year? Along with his elite edge rushing abilities he added the element and dare I say, the savvy veteran skills to get his hands up!

They say as a defensive lineman that if you're unable to get to the quarterback that you should get your hands up to attempt to deflect the pass. If you're able to combine the ability to pressure the quarterback with the ability to disrupt his passes when you're not able to get home that makes for a deadly elite combination.

I have mentioned the phrase a "elite" a couple of times now and if you don't believe me or your own two eyes with watching the way he's played this year, perhaps Pro Football Focus will convince you. Jordan has the second highest rank in the entire league at defensive end and has graded out this year as a 94.5 at the position. That my friends is a level that they've categorized as "elite".

Another thing that makes Cam Jordan so special is not just physical abilities on the field but what he does off the field as well.

He's the Saints nominee for the Walter Payton, Man of The Year Award. He's made it a habit to give back to the community, he does so by making a trip every Tuesday to a local high school or hospital or to whatever community event is going on to lend a hand. This is something he's done around New Orleans since his rookie year and he continues to give back still as an established veteran.


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