NBA superstar Anthony Davis is preparing for a first round series as his New Orleans Pelicans are set to battle the Portland Trail Blazers.

His play over the course of the season is the biggest reason the team is in the postseason, and the last few months his numbers have been incredible.

Today, Davis was named the Western Conference Player of the Month for the second consecutive month.

The award is given to the player who excels most in the month of March and April, and Davis did, averaging 28.2 points per game, 11.1 rebounds, 3.7 blocks and putting up 14 double/doubles.

Davis won the award for the month of February.

His numbers since February 1st, he's first in the NBA in points per game (30.6), 6th in rebounds per game (11.7), first in blocks per game (3.1) and second in steals per game (2.1).