Miami defeated Duke Saturday in one of the most unlikely finishes in college football history.

As it turns out, they had some help.

The Atlantic Coast Conference today suspended the entire officiating crew plus the replay official and communicator for two games, citing multiple errors which occurred on the final play of the game, which ended in a 30-27 Miami win after a kickoff return that featured eight laterals.

In issuing the suspension, the league found replay official erred in not ruling Miami's Mark Walton down before releasing the ball on a lateral.  Had the call been made, Duke would have won the game.

The league also said officials erred in not calling an illegal block in the back on Miami back at their 16 yard line.  Had the penalty been called the game would have continued with an untimed down after the penalty was assessed.

The penalty flag that was thrown for an illegal block toward the end of the return was correctly picked up.  However, replay was not involved in the decision (those calls cannot be reviewed) and the referee failed to properly communicate that explanation.

And, the league said, a penalty should have been called on Miami's Rashawn Scott for leaving the bench and running onto the field during the kick return.  That call, had it been made, would not have negated the touchdown.

The league did not address the ACC-record 23 penalties called on Miami during the game including several pass interference calls during the drive when Duke appeared to have won the game.