There are defining moments in any athlete's career, sometimes a multitude of them. How the player deals with and comes back from adversity will define their professional sports career.

Yesterday will be one of those defining moments for the rookie safety out of Utah, Marcus Williams.

This comes after having misplayed the final play of regulation that allowed the Minnesota Vikings to win the NFC Divisional Game against the Saints in stunning fashion on Sunday.

There are two ways that Marcus Williams can go from here.

1) Allow this misplay to haunt you, define you, and keep you down as a player and as a person. Allow the naysayers to get to you, change your game and play scared.

2) Learn from this heart-breaking situation, grow from it, and play with a chip on your shoulder to never allow anything like that happen again. Don't let this moment define you, overcome, keep your blinders on, and keep pushing forward with your progression as a player.

From what we heard post-game from young Williams it seems like the path he'll put himself on will be the latter.

You love that the kid takes responsibility, saying, "it was just my play to make, the ball was in the air, I didn't go attack it, (Diggs) came down made a great play, and that's on me."

When asked about how he would bounce back from this he said, "just overcome it, you can't let it beat you down. I'm going to take it upon myself to do all that I can to never let that happen again."

That's what you love to hear from a guy who just committed a blunder that lost his team the game, in that moment.

Of course there are many moments, especially in the first half, that you could look at and say the Saints should have performed better.

Fact of the matter is, despite a miserable first half of football, they put themselves in a really good position to win the football game and they just didn't.

However, there was no lack of support from his teammates, former Saints players and fans after the game.

In this final video on the Saints Instagram account you can hear the, "Who Dat said they gone beat them Saints" chants. You'll also notice many signs and posters lining the street, after the team got off the plane at 1am in New Orleans. The one that sticks out the most?

"Love You Marcus"

These fans truly get it. #WhoDatNation steady yourself for next year.


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