Below are five reasons why the Saints will lose to the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon.

Actually, that should probably read "might lose", as truthfully, I think the Saints will win, and extend their current win streak to 8 games.

But it's my week to have them to lose, and there are always dangers, so I dug up the most likely reasons they may lose.

In another segment, Greg Larnerd gives 5 reasons why the Saints will win.

5 Reasons Why The Saints Will Lose.

1)---Win Streaks Are Hard To Maintain: New Orleans has won 7-straight, which is the second-longest current streak. Only the Eagles, who have won 8-straight, have a longer win streak. This is also the Saints' longest win streak since 2011, when they won 8-straight to end the year. The NFL is a league based on parity. Win streaks are hard to come by, and the Saints are due to lose. The Saints have been dominating teams, but the NFL has a way of humbling you real fast.

2)---Vernon Davis: The Saints have gotten burned by quality tight ends over the past few seasons, and Davis is just that, a quality tight end. He may be 33-years old now, but Davis has accumulated 30 receptions for 460 yards and a touchdown. In terms of receivers and tight ends, he leads the Redskins in receiving yards. The Saints' linebackers are better this year, as is their entire defense, so tight ends haven't hurt them as much this season, but based on recent past history, and Davis' play this season, he is a concern.

3)---Zach Brown: The linebacker leads the NFL in tackles right now, with 96, and is playing great against the run. The Saints are third in the NFL in rushing, averaging 142.2 yards-per-game, and Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara are playing as well as any tandem in the league, but Brown alone will make it more difficult to pick up significant rushig yards on Sunday.

4)---Special Teams: The Saints, who have been absolutely putrid in the special teams department over the last 5-plus years, actually got off to a decent start in this department, before returning to their returning to their old ways. So much so that they hired longtime special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff to their coaching staff earlier this week. In terms of defending kicks and punts, the New Orleans special teams unit hasn't performed well, allowing 25.9 return yards per kickoff, which ranks 27th in the league, and 11.4 yards per punt return, which ranks 26th. When it comes to returning kickoffs and punts, things have been even worse, with the Saints are averaging 19.4 yards-per-kickoff return, which ranks 28th, and 5.2 yards-per-punt return, which ranks 28th. The Saints have crushed team this season, but eventually they'll play a close game, which is when special team play will be magnifide.

5)---History: The Redskins hold an all-time 17-8 advantage over the Saints, and have won 2-straight, including 4 of their last 5. The last time the two teams met, Washington won, 47-14, which Kurt Cousins throwing for 324 yards and 4 touchdowns, as the Redskins outgained the Saints, in terms of total yards, 510-350. In 2012, in the regular season opener, Robert Griffin III threw for 320 yards, to guide Washington to a 40-32 win. Yes, it's a different year, with different players, but the Redskins have handled the Saints pretty well throughout history.