The 2018 NFL Draft gets under way this year on April 26th and I know you're all focusing in on which player or position your favorite team may go after, however let's see how we can make this draft a little more interesting....

William Hill US is doing just that by opening up the first-ever sportsbook in Las Vegas when they received approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board on Tuesday. The betting company needed the approval solely because the results of the bets aren't determined on the field.

They opened up the possibility to proposition bet during last year's draft as something of a trail run with only 20 different avenues in which to bet the draft. This year they're expanding it to 62 and many more props to bet on.

This is a QB heavy draft, as most the NFL Drafts are, so of course you're going to be able to bet on things like:

-Total number of quarterbacks taken in Round 1 (over/under 5) and Rounds 1 and 2 (over/under 5.5)

-Baker Mayfield being drafted over/under 7.5 spots higher than Lamar Jackson

There are other things you'll be able to wager on in case you're not a quarterback guy or girl, for example:

-Number of Alabama players selected in Round 1:
Over 4 (-110)
Under 4 (-110)

-Number of RBs selected in Round 1:
Over 1.5 (+105)
Under 1.5 (-125)

-Player to be drafted first:
Sony Michel (+110)
Nick Chubb (-130)

-Number of WRs selected in Round 1:
Over 2.5 (-175)
Under 2.5 (+155)


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