"All records are meant to be broken" isn't a statement that applies here. Frankly, a few sports records are all but impossible (and in some cases actually impossible) to break.

How Joe DiMaggio (pictured) went 56 straight games with a hit is beyond me. No one will ever break this record. Ever.

Remember eight years ago when Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins began a streak that led him all the way to 38 straight games? Pundits actually questioned whether he could break the great Yankee Clipper's record, and in the end, he was still 18 GAMES SHORT!

How hard is it just to get a hit in 18 straight games? To me, DiMaggio's record is unbreakable.

Youth1.com has compiled their list of the top 10 unbreakable sports records. I obviously agree with number one on the list. Number 2 is simply a fact under the current NFL rules, but every other record on the list could technically be broken.

Click here to check out the prestigious list, and let us know what you think the most unbreakable record in sports is.