Smith was arrested in downtown Lafayette early Saturday morning on a domestic abuse charge. 

Cpl. Paul Mouton of the Lafayette police department said in a news release that officers on patrol saw Smith and his wife Racquel arguing while leaving a nightclub. Mouton says the LPD saw the argument escalate and then saw Smith grab the woman's hair. Mouton says the woman's injuries were minor.

Smith released a statement tonight through the Saints regarding his arrest over the weekend.

Here is the complete statement:

"During the past weekend, my wife Racquel and I were visiting her family in Lafayette, Louisiana for the holiday weekend. Early Saturday morning, an unfortunate misunderstanding led to my arrest.

"My wife was not injured as reported and this was not a domestic issue. I am confident that the legal process will bear this out. Both Racquel and I look forward to having the legal process play out and will cooperate fully. Until then, and based upon legal counsel, I will not be able to make any further comment on this matter.

"Racquel and I are both extremely thankful to everyone that has offered support through this trying time."