Watch, as Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura comes unglued after umpires reversed a call, in favor of the San Francisco Giants, citing a violation of rule 7.13 by Chicago catcher Tyler Flowers, during the seventh inning of Wednesday's game in San Francisco, California.

The umpires ruled that Flowers improperly blocked the plate, and allowed pinch-runner Gregor Blanco, who was called out, to score on the play, evening the score, 1-1.

With runners on the corners and one out, San Francisco's Joe Panik hit a grounder to Chicago first baseman Jose Abreu, who threw home to Flowers, who then tagged Blanco in plenty of time. That's when Giants manager Bruce Bochy came on the field and requested a review on the basis that Flowers denied Blanco a sufficiently clear path to home plate.

Crew chief Fieldin Culbreth then overturned the call, after a review of close to five minutes, and Ventura blew a fuse, kicking dirt several times on home plate.

Ventura was ejected, and the Giants went on to win, 7-1.