New Orleans Hornets power forward David West is working daily in rehab to rehabilitate his surgically repaired left knee. West's agent claims he's "way ahead of schedule." David tore his ACL on March 25th. 19 days later he underwent surgery. Here is more from Jimmy Smith of the Times Picayune and

“The doctors said it was kind of a five- to seven-month rehab. I think with David, I’m telling him to slow down a little bit," explained West's agent Lance Young. "I know he’s working so hard to get back. We’ve got some time. I don’t want him to try to get back too soon. But you know David, he’s a workhorse. He’s at it every single day. I don’t really think he’s in the gym yet, but he’s working as hard as he can to get back. He’s pretty focused on this.”

West Tackling Rehab With Fervor

This is positive news for West. David is a fighter, both figuratively and literally. Boxing is one of his biggest hobbies, and he brings a figher mentality to everything he does. Rehab is no different.

Hornets fans are all anxious to see if West opts out of the final year of his contract. David is set to earn $7.5 million next season, but can opt out. If he does, he'll be an unrestricted free agent. June 30th is the deadline for his decision.