David West sunk a 19 foot fadeaway jumper with less than a second remaining on Monday to give the Hornets a victory over the Thunder. Despite his usual 20 point game, West credited his, and his team's defense, for the win. Peter Finney of the Times Picayune has more.

“Sure, my shot won the game,’’ he said. “Fans love to see shots go in. But the story was the same. We won the game with defense. Been that way all season.’’

Although West realized his fade-away jumper would make the Monday night and Tuesday morning highlight reels, he was looking forward to Coach Monty Williams taking apart the defense.

“That’s where you get to appreciate the untold story,’’ said West. “Fans, who love watching you making 3-pointers, don’t see the little things you do, or don’t do, playing team defense.’’

West went on to become his own critic.

“Yes, I’ve gotten better with my feet movement, using my hands, getting back to help inside,’’ he said. “But I’m still making mistakes. Everyone is. If Chris doesn’t make that great play, forcing a turnover on an inbounds pass (the Thunder’s fifth in the final quarter and its 17th of the game), I probably don’t get a chance to take the shot that made a difference. And that’s not all.’’


David West has always been an accomplished offensive player. The one knock on David in his illustrious career was his average defense. That knock is no longer valid. West credits his head coach Monty Williams, along with film study, for his improved defensive game. I also know that David has put plentyof extra time in at the gym to hone that part of his game. The western conference is loaded with all-star worthy forwards. David West is deserves to be near the top of that list.