The forecast in Seattle, Washington, on Saturday, calls for a chance of rain, with temperatures in the lower 40's, for the New Orleans Saints/Seattle Seahawks NFC playoff match-up, but that change the Saints' game plan. James Varney, of the Times-Picayune, has the story, below.

Fans of the New Orleans Saints cheer against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on December 19, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Saints 30-24.

Courtesy---James Varney/Times-Picayune

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees shrugged Wednesday when asked about the weather conditions for Saturday's wild-card playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. The game is in Seattle, so what would one expect, he asked.

"If it's not raining, it's usually damp anyway at this time of year, but the chance of rain is pretty high, and I've seen the weather report and it says chance of showers pretty much all day long for really the next five or six days straight," he said. "So my expectation is that's what it will be, and you manage that depending on how bad it is, how hard it's coming down. But does it change our game plan a whole lot? No, but certainly you put a big priority on handling the snap and the exchanges, and throwing the football, that kind of thing."