Mark Hudspeth knows his team made a mistake, and he wants to make it right with the entire Ragin' Cajuns community.

When an inflammatory and derogatory video emerged from the Ragin' Cajuns locker room, it caused an uproar of emotional reaction from the fan base, donors and supporters. It made the university look bad, the players look worse, and their coach appear irresponsible. Coach Hudspeth owned up to his part of the problem, and he asked the community for forgiveness.

"We want this community to be proud of us, and we want to represent this community with class," Hudspeth said. He also spoke for his players, "They don't want this community to disown them. They love Lafayette."

The team isn't just apologizing though. They want to earn back support by giving back with 1,000 hours of community service. The team is going to speak to any and every middle and high school that will welcome them to teach a lesson about responsibility, social media and representing yourself properly in the internet age.

Coach Hudspeth's players had to learn a lesson the hard way, and they want to educate young people in the Acadiana area before they make the same mistake.

"Experience is the hardest teacher, because it gives you the test first, and the lesson later," Hudspeth said.

Coach Hudspeth tried to his best to give a heartfelt apology to the fans, and he tried to explain himself too. He admitted the public reaction triggered his fatherly instinct to protect his players, and he apologized for his initial statement and the way it affected many people in the fan base.

After addressing the pressing matter at hand, Hudspeth also went on to bring the focus back to football and preview the upcoming game against the Georgia Bulldogs. Take some time to hear Hudspeth's full thoughts.