One of the best rivalries in college football, and certainly one of the most underrated, is the one between the Utah Utes (what's a Ute?) and the BYU Cougars.

Over the weekend, the two schools renewed their rivalry, with Utah capturing a 24-21 win.

The end of the game was rather strange, however, with the Utah fans storming the field multiple times.

They did it when everyone thought the game was over, after time ticked off the clock. The official watched the replay and decided there should be one second put on the clock. That gave BYU a chance to tie the game with a field goal, but it misses, allowing the fans to storm the field for a second time. But wait, the officials penalized Utah for their fans coming onto the field before the game was over, allowing another BYU field goal attempt.

The Cougars missed that field goal too, and the Utah fans rushed the field yet again.

Good thing the game ended. Those people were probably getting real tired.