The UL Ragin' Cajuns football team got in on the #RunningManChallenge with their own hilarious renditions of the viral dance craze.

The video was posted by UL Strength Coach Terrance Motley, and shows the Cajuns appearing to get hyped around one of the players as he attempts to lift a ton of weight.

Just as it looks like he is going to lift the bar, the familiar sounds of Ghost Town DJ's 'My Boo' kicks in and everyone busts a move doing the viral "running man" dance. There is even a player dancing on a tire as it rolls into frame.

Apparently, other workout groups gave pretty good performances as well, but not as good as Group 3.

Some have argued that this viral dance craze isn't the "real" running man, but it's still fun to see people cutting loose and enjoying themselves on the internet.

Especially during an election year, lol.

[via Twitter]