This is video of Emiel Pauwels, of Belgium, who is 94-years old, narrowly defeating Ilmari Koppinen of Finland, who is 95-years young, as they battle it out, all the way to the wire, in the 65 metres, at the Veteran Games in San Sebastien, Spain.

You have to love Pauwels, who comes from behind to win at the end, raising his arms about three feet before crossing the finish line. A little stylin' and profilin' by Mr. Pauwels!

Seriously though, this is really pretty incredible, when you put it into perspective. You have to admire these guys, and how they can run so well, at such an advanced age.

These gentlemen are in their 90's...their 90's!!!...and still bringing it! I think they're great!

May we all live to be 94/95, and may we all be as fast as Pauwels and Koppinen!

You're both winners gentlemen!