Interesting feature here, from, as they rank the best player. in the history of every NFL franchise. Not surprisingly, they rank Rickey Jackson as the top Saints player of all-time. View the entire list, courtesy of Dan Van Wie, of, below.

Former New Orleans Saints linebacker Rickey Jackson (57)

When you try to think about who the top player was in the history of every NFL franchise, there will always be a debate because older fans will have an allegiance to the players that stood out from the past and will feel like those stars have been totally forgotten.

Then you have fans that are several generations younger that don't really know that much about former stars and will hoot and holler for current stars being recognized. There is no real win/win in this scenario.

So, recognizing the depth and breadth of fans that we reach here at Bleacher Report, I will attempt to bridge the gap by nominating the best player in franchise history, in my humble opinion, and then add the names of the other players that would qualify for consideration.